How to Fix Access Violation Errors

An access violation error occurs when a program tries to access memory in a way that is forbidden to it.  The memory areas which the program needs are behind security features that protect them.  Now sometimes it is a legitimate security concern, and other times it is just excessive paranoia on the part of your Windows operating system.

A Common Cause of Access Violation ErrorsOne of the areas where you are likely to encounter access violation errors is when there is a conflict between new hardware and existing programs.  If you load some new hardware and it wants to use a subroutine that is already in use by another program, you may discover an access violation.

Another common cause is when you try to write to a read only file.  You are effectively trying to override the security protocols placed to protect the file.  These errors can be corrected.

If you feel comfortable entering the DOS, you can find some solutions online for this problem.  I, for one, am not up to making Attribute changes on my own.

A Solution Offered by MicrosoftPart of the Windows XP Service Pack 2 was a Data Execution Prevention, DEP routine.  The DEP performs a number of additional screens of your memory, hopefully preventing all sorts of nasties, like MalWare and Spyware from getting in.

Anything that triggers the DEP can also generate that lovely access violation message.  There are ways to turn off the DEP, but it leaves your computer more vulnerable, so it is a final option.

Another Option to Clean Up ErrorsFor those of us who just aren’t ready to start taking apart an operating system, there are other options.  Perhaps the best solution at this point is to download a registry cleaner.

A registry cleaner goes into your computer’s operating system and evaluates the condition of the registry.  The registry is the subprogram that organizes the entire operating system.

If your registry isn’t working well, your computer will slow down.  You will have difficulties accessing information and you will start seeing a great deal more error messages.  If this is what you have been seeing of late, don’t let the access violation be your focus.

Read more about access violation errors and computer maintenance before you make any decisions.  The download of a registry cleaner only takes a few minutes and shortly your computer will be working better than it has in a long time.  With no more problems in your registry, you are likely to stop seeing that annoying access violation message any more.

Optimize-Your-PC can help you access violation . With its advanced registry cleaning technology, it will scan, diagnose, and fix all erroneous Windows registry entries, leaving you with nothing but a highly-optimized PC.

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