Human Rights Violations And Abuses Are Not Rare In Today’s World

Hiwaar (Dialogue) is a Human Rights Web Society which aims to provide in-depth news and insights from the most affected Arab communities. Hate, political differences, interest and race issues are often among the causes for unnecessary human sufferance. In such a context the appearance of web communities such as Hiwaar, always providing a good space for open dialogue is most welcomed.Established in Scotland, the Hiwaar Human Rights Web Society is today monitoring various countries in the developing world. Its supporters and contributors come from various parts of the world and this community is becoming a very good source for first hand information and unbiased news from various countries. Hiwaar is also very generous in supporting artists and writers, publishes articles and is very easy to navigate. The translator that enables you to read the articles in your preferred language is a plus in my opinion; another great feature of this web community is of course the forum.Other people seriously interested in human rights, abuses and violations know Hiwaar is the best source of information. Their campaign seeking to draw public attention to Sudan and the treatment of females and children was very successful. We should continue to keep main stream news agencies aware of these topics and make sure more and more people become aware of human rights violations wherever they might happen.I think there’s not much we as individuals can make to produce a major change in the world, but only untied we can surely take massive action. This is why the internet should never be politicized in any way or by any means China-style censored. But this is definitely the topic of another article. Visit Hiwaar Culture and Science Network and check out more information in your native language using the translator on bottom of the page.

Join the dialogue at Hiwaar Human Rights Web Society and become a member of the Hiwaar Culture and Science Network.

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