The following list, while not all inclusive, will help to familiarize you with the most common New York State Liquor Authority violations of the Alcoholic  Beverage Control Law:

1. Sale to Minor (under 21 years old) – Section 65.1. (It is important to note that the Members of the Authority have directed that any sale to a person under 16 can result in revocation of the license, even for a first offense.)

2. Sale to Intoxicated Person – Section 65.2.

3. Prohibited Hours of Sale – Sections 105.(a), 105.14 and 106.5.

4. Prohibited Hours of Consumption – Section 106.5.

5. Employment of a Minor – Section 100.2(a).

6. Disorderly Premises (includes Gambling at on premises establishments, Lewd and Indecent conduct, Assaults, Narcotics at on premises establishments, Prostitution) – Section 106.6.

7. Gambling at establishments.

8. Narcotics at establishments.

What are the different types of licenses granted by the SLA?

There are several types of licenses granted by the SLA, the following are the four basic ones issued:

On-Premises Liquor License: Generally considered to be the standard “bar” license. Allows on-premises consumption of liquor, wine and beer and also allows for sale of beer (only) for off-premises consumption. Food, such as soups and sandwiches, MUST be served.

Grocery Beer/Wine License: Off-premises beer license as listed above, see “Grocery Store Beer”. Additionally a “wine product” is defined as a beverage containing wine with added juice, flavoring, water, citric acid, sugar and carbon dioxide, not containing more than six percent alcohol by volume (typically referred to as “wine coolers”).

Catering: Allows providers of food for banquet halls, dining halls, etc., to provide liquor, wine and beer for consumption for an assemblage for a particular function (i.e. retirement dinner, wedding reception, private party) to which the general public is not admitted. This license is for this type of function only.

Liquor Store: For the sale of liquor and wine (no beer) for consumption off the premises. The only additional items allowed to be sold, such as ice and corkscrews, are listed in the ABC Law. Only one license is allowed per person (corporation, partnership, etc.).

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